Friday, August 6, 2010

Multi-Purpose Golf Club Bag Accessory or Head Cover Leash

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Multi-Purpose Golf Club Bag Accessory or Head Cover Leash >>> Stop Losing Golf Head Covers! The HCL-MP is our new multi-purpose reversible golf accessory leash that can be used to secure a variety of your golf accessories including your head covers, golf glove, brush, towel, hat, and any other accessories. The HCL-MP carabineer hook/ring can either be attached to your bag or used as a hookless ring method to secure your accessories to each other with the central carabineer ring.

After your round, extend the life of your golf glove by letting it dry properly. It works great and saves your golf glove from cracking, splitting and helps to keep your glove's shape. The HCL-MP provides easy access to your golf brush. There is no need to unclip your brush to clean your clubs.
For your golf head covers, the HCL-MP with reversible individual leashes and dual swivel clips with less tangle works extremely well for any hybrid headcovers (3,4,5), wood covers (1,3,5 or putter). We recommend our multi-leash products be used with individual club slots to lessen tangle or club movement. If your bag has larger sections that hold multiple clubs, we recommend you place a separate club in each section especially if you carry your bag. If you experience excessive tangle around the shaft, attach the bulldog clip to the TOP of your head cover. You can attach the bulldog clip to the piping or to any part of the cover. Personally, I attach the bulldog clip to my Tiger's cover ear.

With our exclusive Flex Setup TM and Multi-Purpose Reversible product designs, you can create multiple golf accessory combinations and bag locations. Just detach a single or multiple leashes from any of our products and attach to any of our products or bag ring in a different bag location. It is that simple and flexible to give you more options for your individual needs and setup.

The HCL-MP can be used by any age golfer (JR, Mens, Ladies). No head cover loops are required.
  • FREE Shipping of total orders $25 & above from Head Cover Leash
  • Attaches to either TOP or BOTTOM of your Head Covers
  • Reversable Leash Secures Any Head Cover Or Accessory
  • Multi-Purpose Reversible Leash For Your Glove, Brush, Towel
  • Drivers, Woods, Hybrids, Putter Head Covers
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